Net profits from June-Sept will be donated Oct 1. 2021

About Us

Curestitch is a contemporary cancer support brand that uses thoughtful design to bring cancer awareness back into the public conversation. We work with industry professionals who design the clothes you wear every day — from the most trendy and well-known retailers to sophisticated fashion labels recognized around the world.

Cancer is one of the most important health crises of our time and deserves critical attention. Our primary goal is to seek out, fund, and support breakthrough cancer research. We proudly give 25% of our net profits to those efforts.

As a teen, I lost a very close friend to cancer. I spent a lot of time with her during her illness, watching her go through treatment and learning about the implications of the diagnosis. In the following years, I would lose other friends and family to the same disease.

I saw cancer from many angles — from a place of hope, and also from a place of powerlessness, where treatment and research about the disease seemed gridlocked and stagnant.

By 2012, I was working as a clothing designer in New York City for major fashion brands around the country. It wasn’t long before a large retailer approached my team to design a breast cancer awareness collection.

During market research, I was surprised by how hard it was to find high-quality, contemporary designs that also contributed to cancer fundraising and advocacy. I realized I wanted to use my skills to create inspiring, modern apparel that fueled cancer research at the same time.

On the weekends, I began drafting designs and commissioning my colleagues to build the first collection. In late 2018, Curestitch was born.

My dream is to make a positive impact on the current state of cancer research. As Curestitch grows, our goals are to attend conferences, fund critical grants, and increase public consciousness so we can help find better treatments.

The momentous battle against cancer deserves the best we can offer. It should be loud, poignant, hopeful. It should demand attention. At Curestitch, we’re working every day to give cancer support and research the modern aesthetic and funding it needs.

  - J.A. Egan, Founder & CEO